What is the SECDAYSCTF ?

The SECDAYSCTF is a computer security competition designed to raise awareness, introduce the computer security community to computer science students, and identify promising talent in West Africa and especially in Senegal. Also, the people already working in this field will be able to come to confront the different tests.

Unlike other CTFs, the SECDAYSCTF is not confined to IT security. It goes beyond the borders by proposing tests around the comprehension / analysis of algorithms but also tests of programming (necessary for a good profile pentester or other in the very growing field of the computer security).

The main goal of the SECDAYSCTF is to sensitize computer science students or young engineers and allow them to consolidate or even increase their interest in computer security.

Who can participate ?

This 1st edition of the SECDAYSCTF is open to curious people who would like to learn more about this exciting field and which is becoming more and more strategic. Some professionals will be able to participate. The teams are composed of 5 people maximum.

Where will the SECDAYSCTF be held ?

This first edition of the SECDAYSCTF will be held in Dakar during SecurityDays and will be an "on-site" event. The challengers will be physically present on site to compete. Once the competition has started, the challengers will be able to log in, and access progressively to the events, with the name of the team and the password provided during the registration; which registration will be open soon.

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