Theme : Magistrates and Judicial Police officers face new forms of digital criminality based on social networks (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter ...)

Nowadays magistrates and judicial police officers are confronted with new cases of contestation of facts which are difficult to refute by the defendants and whose imputability naturally seems obvious.

It is most often publications on social networks (Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter), exchanges via sms or messaging whose paternity is often unrecognized.

The investigators, in addition to ensuring their daily missions of real life, are now called to investigate in the digital world:

      online fraud;
      Cyber robbery;
      Identity theft;
      pénétrations frauduleuses dans les STAD;
      other types of cybercrime.

In this case, how should the state's investigative services be organized - both preventive and repressive - to respond to a threat whose actors and procedures evolve on a daily basis and the generally questionable evidence.

We see all the difficulty in which those who must do justice.

Question :
How to objectively prove that the accusations are true and indisputable in a world where information is manipulable and systems vulnerable and hackable?
This is the reason for this meeting organized on the sidelines of SECURITYDAYS2020. It will be a question of showing the feasibility of such facts with practical demonstrations.

Goals :
Allow Magistrates and others involved in the judicial chain to be well equipped to deal with new forms of digital crime.

Target :
• Magistrates
• Judicial Police Officers
• General Information (Civil and Military)

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